Want Prettier, Healthier Aquarium Fish? Treat Them to Premium Flake Food!

‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.’
― Hippocrates

As anyone schooled in the culinary arts will tell you, preparing food for human consumption can be an exquisitely delicate process. Around the world the most common method used for processing food for the table is heat; and in this regard, heat can serve as either a useful tool—or a destructive force.

Every one of us has enjoyed the experience of sitting down to a well-cooked meal: not only does it look, smell, and taste good, but it also retains maximum nutritional value. Whereas overcooking a meal renders it unappetizing, if not downright inedible! And it is not just the taste, texture, and appearance of the food that suffer from the too-enthusiastic application of heat; more importantly, the vitamins and other key nutrients contained in the food will also undergo a drastic diminishment.

This same principle applies to the preparation of the most common commercial feed for aquarium fish: flake food. Continue reading “Want Prettier, Healthier Aquarium Fish? Treat Them to Premium Flake Food!”

For Sensitive Aquarium Fish: Discover Brine Shrimp Direct’s E-Z Egg Advantage

“I received my order and let me tell you, I am thrilled.
I have dwarf seahorses, and the brine shrimp egg shells
were—well, to say the least—a mess. Now I hatch and
siphon and feed. No shell worries. Thanks again!’

— K.R., Pennsylvania

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As all aquarists “worth their salt” should know, newly hatched brine shrimp provide an excellent source of nutrition for both freshwater and marine species of fish and other sea life. Indeed, Artemia franciscana is a perennial favorite among fish hobbyists, providing a nutritionally rich and irresistible feed for a large majority of the animals kept in home and public aquariums, research institutions, and commercial hatcheries. Continue reading “For Sensitive Aquarium Fish: Discover Brine Shrimp Direct’s E-Z Egg Advantage”

Spirulina: The Superfood for Aquarium Fish

Pink FlamingoBefore discussing the health and aesthetic benefits of supplementing the diet of your ornamental aquarium fish with spirulina fish food, we will first pose here a trick question: “What color is a pink flamingo?”

If your answer was “pink”—you’d be wrong. In point of fact, flamingos are naturally white. So what makes them pink? In the wild, these birds feed on a combination of blue-green algae and crustaceans containing carotenoids, which are naturally occurring chemical pigments.

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